Ego And Ego-T Mega Atomizer

Ego And Ego-T Mega Atomizer

Brand: Ego Joye 510
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Ego And Ego-T Mega Atomizer

Ego And Ego-T Mega Atomizer

The atomizer is the most important part of the personal vaporizer. The coil within the atomizer heats up the eLiquid in the cartridge to produce vapor, which is inhaled. An atomizer can last anywhere between 1-4 months, depending on how you care for it. Never use your personal vaporizer with a completely dry cartridge because the atomizer can burn out. Also, take care not to overfill the cartridge with too much eLiquid because the atomizer can become flooded and stop functioning.

Ego Advanced / Joye Ego Mega atomizer, we carry the Mega Ego atomizer in black,
These atomizers are for use on the Ego.Ego-T  Joye Ego with Ego Mega blank carts. They are designed to be specifically used in conjunction with the Ego  / Joye Ego battery and we do not guarantee that they will be compatible with any other unit.


  • The Ego / Ego 510 Mega Atomizer Come Blank (Need E-Liquid)

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