Ego-C EgoC System Cartridges For EgoC System

Ego-C EgoC System Cartridges For EgoC System

Brand: Ego Joye 510
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Ego-C EgoC System Cartridges For EgoC System

eGo-c (eGo Tank) CARTRIDGES with 1.2ml Capacity. (These only work with the eGo-c and Ego-T atomizer). Each eGo-c Cartridge holds 1.2ml of fluid, these are the Cartridges you will need to use with your Special Cone Shaped eGo-c Atomizers.

Our cartridges come prefilled with a normal strength PG based tobacco flavor for no additional cost! If you do not want this flavor, simply wash out with warm water and fill with your own flavor of choice!

The eGo-c cartridges can be re-filled manually allowing you the flexibility of using your flavor and fluid of choice. See below for a description of how the eGo-c Tank System Works.

The eGo-c Tank System

The eGo-c Tank system is the second generation of the ever popular eGo electronic cigarette, it uses virtually all the regular eGo accessories such as batteries, chargers and cases. eGo-c however, has one massive advantage over its first generation cousin in its revolutionary new fluid feeder system. The eGo-c system comprises of a Special eGo-c atomizer and eGo-c cartridge, the cartridge has no fluval or other material to hold the fluid, it is as its name suggest a sealed eGo-c tank with a capacity of 1.2ml.

Fill the Tank cartridge with fluid, attach the eGo-c atomizer, screw on the battery and vape till your fluid runs out. No more constant dripping or cartridge filling, let the eGo-c Tank System do this for you, the eGo-c is exactly what the ecigarette world has been waiting for!

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